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Residential interior design

A house is not a home until it mirrors the real you. And, every element plays a role in creating a space that defines you. We use our expertise in design and architecture to give you a home that is representative of the person that you are!

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Buying a House

Turnkey Construction

Our services go beyond interior design and architecture right into construction. Our architectural experts work to assist with the entire process of construction and ensure that everything is going smoothly. We also pay close attention to often ignored aspects such as efficiency and sustainability.

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Urban Garden


Looking to give your home the much-needed makeover? Look no further than Zeroth Habitats. Our expertise will ease the entire process and make it so seamless that you will be awed! Right from conceptualization to execution, we shall remain by your side!

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Fun Wallart

Styling & Decor

Every element in a house plays a role in making it a home. Whether it is furniture or the color of the walls or even the area rug, each element says a story. We bind these stories together to create a beautiful chapter of living for you.

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White Sofa

Furniture & Lighting

Based on your needs and your comfort level, our expert team will give you a plethora of furniture and lighting options along with recommendations so that you light up your world, exactly how you want to!

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Fair Prices, Guaranteed

Urban Modern Interior Design

   offices &    


White boardroom

January 14, 2017

Office design

It is an established fact that productivity and overall employee happiness depend to an extent on office design.We will bring the A-game of your entire team to table by ensuring that efficiency becomes a norm. Get in touch with us, and we will show you how!

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Graphic Design Office

January 14, 2017

Workspace design

Comfort, clarity, and functionality. These are the ingredients for a workspace that encourages focus. We understand the growing needs of the workspaces and have the expertise to model it for you. Sit with us and tell us what you have in mind and we will brew it for you.

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Construction Worker

January 14, 2017

Office renovation

Have you move into a new office space and it does it not resonate with you? We will be at your service. Our interior designers in Hyderabad and Secunderabad are skilled at office renovation and will give your office a superior upgrade.

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Aeriel View of Housing Unit

January 14, 2017

House layout planning

Your dream housing project is our dream project too! Every house is a masterpiece on its own, and it gives us immense pleasure to make it an incredible one for you. Housing layout planning includes multiple processes, abiding by numerous guidelines, and attention to detail and, we take professional care of all. Meet us and tell us what you have in your mind.

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Urban Planning

January 14, 2017

GIS Surveys

GIS surveys are important for predesign analysis, design, and budgeting. Get a quick detailed mapping of your property without tedious time-consuming processes. Get in touch with us to know!

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January 14, 2017

Feasibility studies

We love to see that resources are put to their best use, and it is wise to know the feasibility of a housing project before starting it. We conduct comprehensive studies and report bare truths for the clients to interpret. Transparency and pricing based on value are our core principles.

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It all started in 2017 when two aspiring entrepreneurs came together to form one of the leading architecture firms in Hyderabad. Within no time, the firm rose to fame and became a well-known enterprise in the city.


The name of our firm, Zeroth Habitats, truly represents what we do – we build homes and dreams from level zero, all the way to the sky! We aim at understanding the needs of clients and delivering interior design services in Hyderabad that represent them. From a simple room décor to completing housing projects, we are your answer to every design and architecture need!


Villa Pool


We follow a transparent process from start to end with the involvement of the client at every step. Here’s a peek at what we do and how we do it:

Modern White Structure

A/ Research & Client Resonance

  1. Understanding the client and the designer’s vision.

  2. Contextual and cultural resonance discovery.

  3. Budget analysis and payment of design fee.

  4. Architectural + Interior Program.

  5. Zoning review.

  6. Interiors concept development.

  7. Initial conceptual (schematic) presentation.

B/ Design Development

  1. Advancing approved design.

  2. Developing space plans, selecting finishes and colour palettes, and coordinating design details with materials.

  3. Contractor recommendation.

  4. Preliminary cost estimate.

  5. Refined conceptual (imagery + 3D model) presentation.

Modern Bathroom

C/ Detailed Interior Plan

  1. Developing a 3D model of exteriors.

  2. Developing related ceiling plans.

  3. Cost estimate revision and finalization.

  4. Developing an interior finish palette from material sources.

  5. Refining interior layouts.

  6. Coordinating design elements with facility systems.

  7. Final design presentation.

D/ Construction Documents

  1. Producing construction documents and material specifications such as cabinets, built-ins, hardware, lighting and other accessories including their material sourcing.

  2. Coordinating with the contractor while producing construction documents.

Modern Architecture

E/ Construction

  1. Providing additional drawings and designs.

  2. Verification of contract document compliance.

  3. Continuous oversight of client and contractor.

  4. Coordination with construction timeline.

  5. Installation of facility systems and furniture.

  6. Discussions about the care of finishes.

  7. Handover of project.



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